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Pete Fleharty- Master Builder

The decision to buy a new custom home is one of the most important decisions you will make. Make sure you choose a builder who is highly-experienced in all building environments, experienced, friendly, efficient, and is well-respected.

Pete Fleharty is such a builder.

As a third generation Master Builder, he has personally created over 1400 homes in the last 30 years. Using his extraordinary attention to every detail of a home, Pete is able to design you the home of your dreams. From drawing the plans to finishing the build on your custom home, Pete will personally supervise every step of the project.

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In Just 10 Working Days---Your New Home Design

We know how anxious you are to see your new home; therefore, in only 10 working days you’ll be receiving the preliminary design. We will draw as many preliminary plans as needed for you to arrive at the perfect home for you and your family’s needs...Read More

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Choose an experienced builder.

With over 1400 custom homes designed and constructed by Pete, you can trust in the experience it takes to deliver a custom designed and built home that you will love.

Seeing your project from start to finish

We make sure your project is taken care of— overseeing your project from the beginning to the end to make sure you get exactly what you dream of.

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Beautiful Custom Uniquely Designed Homes

A Wealth of Features are Yours to Choose

Your Custom Home is masterfully built inside and out using only top-quality materials, surprisingly this attitude toward luxury is competitive to a tract built home... Read More

Your Home Designed---- FREE

As you know, the planning phase of a home can be quite costly. With Fleharty Unique Homes, the home of your dreams can take shape before you make a decision to build...

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